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Icona Boutique was founded in 2003 in the historic centre of Verona, on the corner of Via Quattro Spade and Via Pellicciai. Italy, with its history, and Verona in particular—a beautiful touristic and cultural destination—is the place where Elina, who is Russian, has decided to live for almost 20 years. In her shop, the focus on Made in Italy blends with an international flair, which shows in the furnishings, and which one can see in her style choices as well. It’s a space that allows one to appreciate at a glance the garments Elina chooses according to her taste, her love of beautiful things, and her passion for Italian fashion, which she has had since her youth. What you sense when you enter her shop is a timeless style, elegant and aimed at enhancing femininity.

Hospitality and availability make Elina and her daughter Anna, who for some time has been helping her mother with the management of Icona Boutique, two excellent owners who make their guests feel at home, always making them feel special. The clientele whose trust Icona has won over the years is among the most refined and demanding, and is becoming increasingly broad and consolidated: the Verona boutique has become a shopping destination with clients arriving not only from Verona and its surroundings, but also from cities such as Mantova, Vicenza, Bolzano, Trento and even Milan. Since Anna has joined our staff, our focus has also included younger women, and we have added fashion lines just for them. But Icona’s fame has spread even further, to Eastern Europe, through the pages of Russian Vogue, and across the Atlantic in a New York Times article.

Elina’s fine taste doesn’t stop at clothing: She feels shoes and accessories are also very important, and she dedicates great attention to these details. Her jewellery, like her clothing, can be affordably priced while still being elegant, but, naturally, she also carries more luxurious jewels to compliment her dresses for weddings and other ceremonies, or for cocktail or special evening wear.

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